Domino's (DPZ) stock OUTPERFORMED these Tech Giants this decade!?!

I should be using a cliche, "You can't judge a book by it's cover", or something like that.  Great real world example of the halo effect.  Our own mind is a mystery....

Chase Purdy of Quartz writes

It’s 2010. You’re an eager investor presented a choice between two stocks: Google or Domino’s Pizza. Where do you put your money?

You should have gone with your gut.
Click to make bigly

Click to make bigly

In an incredible feat for a pizza company, Domino’s share price growth has outperformed all of the world’s largest tech companies so far this decade. An investment in Domino’s at the start of 2010 has grown by more than 2,000% to date, leaving the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple in the dust.

And now this... A "Ferris Bueller" inspired Domino's ad?