As an insider for close to 20 years, I have witnessed the best and worst that the financial industry has to offer.

The fact is the vast majority of financial advisors are not obligated to put your interests ahead of their self-interest. This conflicted “advice” leads to advisors steering you into high-cost, poorly performing investments that pay them more, but cost you dearly.
— Kevin Barton, Founder and Managing Principal, Elevate Financial

Our Duty

As a registered investment adviser, Elevate Financial is bound to a fiduciary standard.  In other words, we are legally obligated to put our clients' best interests ahead of our own at all times. Putting your interests first and providing objective advice and solutions is more than just a mission statement – it is our duty.

Core Fiduciary Duties of Elevate Financial

  • Serve the client’s best interest
  • Act in utmost good faith
  • Act prudently -- with the care, skill and judgment of a professional
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Disclose all material facts
  • Control investment expenses