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Why A U2 Concert Is Better Than A New Prada Bag

Why A U2 Concert Is Better Than A New Prada Bag
"You never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch..."
Kristian Bush, "Trailer Hitch (Goodwill Version)"

Experiences > Stuff

Now a U2 concert may not be everyone's cup of tea.  It may be seeing your alma mater in the Rose Bowl (still waiting, Bear Down Arizona!), an experience as a family volunteering to help the less fortunate, or a family vacation that started with us locked on a military base eating bags of chips for dinner (don't ask); but the things that remain with us are the moments we experience. Those shared experiences get stronger over time as the stories get recounted and embellished.  Even the bad ones. The joy you felt when you picked up your iPhone 7 fades but your memories get sweeter.


"Step Right Up!!" - StockStream

"Step Right Up!!" - StockStream
  • Looking for a way to take more info from a firehose? 
  • Current investing strategies too boring?
  • Gamify your retirement!!
  • Don't mind EDM?

Check this out. 

Not sure if this is a carnival barker crossed with a Robinhood account or a mirror to our society....

Danger Ahead? Market Optimism at 17-Year High

Danger Ahead?  Market Optimism at 17-Year High

Americans Haven't Been This Optimistic About Stocks for Nearly Two Decades.  

Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. - Warren Buffett

It may be that time again.  Even more reason to be diversified and work with a true adviser that knows when you should be greedy or fearful.

(Don't) Trust Your Gut

(Don't) Trust Your Gut

CBS Sunday Morning:

Do we base our big decisions on reason and logic, or on our gut? It’s a question underlying the fine print in the newest book by bestselling author Michael Lewis. He’s been talking with our John Blackstone: