We manage money with undivided loyalty, care and passion using a low-fee approach, so you can keep more of what the market offers.
— Kevin Barton, Founder and Managing Principal, Elevate Financial

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on years of research, and our direct experience working with thousands of investors all over the country.  Our research supports our belief that investing to capture market-level returns at the lowest possible cost will help you meet your long-term financial goals and create more wealth.  This approach means keeping more of your money invested by using low-cost investment products like index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) while paying low fees for investment management and advice.  

Investment Principles

Elevate Financial adheres to four key principles across all its investment strategies

define Goals

Create clear and realistic objectives

Defining goals clearly and realistically, through the financial planning process can help protect you from common mistakes other investors make.


Develop a investment mix using diversified funds.

Over time a portfolio's mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments determines most of it's return.  Diversification is also a powerful strategy to manage traditional risks associated with a certain company, industry, or asset classes like stocks and bonds.

Minimize Costs

Reduce cost to help improve returns

In investing, there is no reason to assume that you get more if you pay more. Instead, every additional dollar paid in fees and commissions is a dollar less earning potential returns. Research suggests that lower-cost investments tend to outperform higher-cost alternatives, which could make an enormous difference over time.

Taxes are another significant cost. For many investors, it may be possible to reduce taxes by allocating investments strategically among taxable and tax-advantaged accounts to enhance after-tax returns.

Keep Disciplined

Maintain Perspective

Discipline and perspective are the qualities that can help investors remain committed to their long-term investment programs through periods of market uncertainty. We can help you understand the sometimes impulsive nature of investment decisions or avoid becoming paralyzed, which can harm your progress toward your investment goals.